I’ve spent over two decades helping clients bring their ideas to life online.


Hi, I’m Mike. I’m dedicated to making the development process clear, collaborative, and maybe even a little bit of fun. No marketing BS. No jargon.

If we work together, you can expect honest plain-English communication – whether you need something as simple as design advice for a web form or as complex as a complete revamp of your web presence.

Love Salesforce? Me too! Aside from being a certified Platform Developer, App Builder and Administrator, I’m a firm believer in Salesforce’s Ohana culture.  That means clients are family with whom I work to build lasting relationships.

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About Me

More info coming soon. In the meantime, enjoy some hipsum lorem and pictures!

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Resume / CV

In the interest of saving paper, I keep my experience current on Stack Overflow.
Project Portfolio


Full-Stack Web Development

LAMP/LEMP Stack development using best-in-class PHP frameworks together with popular JavaScript and CSS libraries.

Salesforce Development

Architecture design, Lightning Components, Apex Development… pretty much everything in the Salesforce ecosystem.

UI/UX Design

Consultation on how to make web pages easy and intuitive to interact with.


Stuff I’ve worked on

I’m still working on fleshing this out!

Contact Me

Contact Me


    Don’t love web forms or social media? Contact me at [email protected] or (813) 440-2001.